Four weeks ago, I had the incredible honour of attending and presenting at the THE BABY SUMMIT, Australia’s largest photography conference.

The Baby Summit brings together some of the most experienced photographers from a number of different disciplines for a three days of learning, sharing and being inspired.

Hosted by internationally renowned Australian photographer Kelly Brown together with husband Robert and friend Garrett Hollis the conference gives attendees an insight into industry leading tools required to build a successful photography business.

The objective is to improve the technical skills and business acumen of professional photographers from all over the world who specialize in the industry’s fastest growing genres, maternity, birth, newborn and baby photography.

Having started my journey into newborn photography over seven years ago when industry educational opportunities like this were not available, the incredible value of events such as THE BABY SUMMIT is not lost on me.

Not only is it wonderful opportunity to learn about safe industry practices, keep up to date with industry advances, it encourages a somewhat “individual” professional industry to evolve and grow into a positive supportive community.

I had the great pleasure to sit in on five inspirational presentations and enjoyed every minute of watching and observing the beauty of our different approaches and skills in capturing our incredible little subjects.

My two demonstration class topics were:

“Wrapping and Shooting for Composites” and “Going with the flow – a typical session workflow”

Thanks to Kelly, Rob and Garrett for inviting me to participate in such a wonderful event.

Thanks to everyone who attended my classes and allowed me to share a little of what I am absolutely passionate about.

Here are a few of the resulting images from both presentations.




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