Introducing Photo Wood Blocks ~ handmade in the Netherlands

I am so very excited to be adding these stunning bespoke handmade photo wood blocks to my client collections this year.

Pure and simply these are A WORK OF ART.

A beautiful marriage between modern technological photo design and rustic handwork.  This process is done entirely by hand, meaning each are a one-of-a-kind piece of art.  Because each piece is created individually, the pieces need their own print laying, finishing, coating and drying time.  This rechires a carefully allotted timeframe to guarantee the product you receive is absolutely perfect.

Here is a little bit more about the making of these gorgeous wood blocks and a price guide:

Client Info for Photos on Wood0Client Info for Photos on Wood2Client Info for Photos on Wood3Client Info for Photos on WoodClient Info for Photos on Wood4

Block Wall Collection 10Photoblock 40x40 cmPhotoblock 40x40Photoblock 40x60Photoblock 60x60Set of 3 Wood blocksPhotoblock The Perfect MixPhotoblock Set of 3 RoundPhotoblock Round Template3 (No Frame)Photoblock Round Template2 (No Frame)Photoblock Round Template (No Frame)