From start to ART – The evolution of an image after capture

After I’ve popped a couple of loads of washing on and cuddled my two dogs, the first thing I generally do after a newborn session is download, back up and start the second step of the creative process – RETOUCHING.

I can’t remember ever finishing a shoot and not being super excited to jump straight into selecting and processing images.   It’s when I get to complete the process I see in my head when I am shooting each set-up.

I thought it would be fun to share the evolution of a RAW straight out of camera capture to finished art….in 15 stages.

It is no secret retouching is a time intensive part of the process, however, it’s when you get to put your own unique creative skills into action. So it’s always a very artistically rewarding part of the process.

Luisa 🙂


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